Has Your Spouse Abandoned You And You Need Child Support? Take Action Fast

If you and your spouse have separated but nothing has been legally documented, and they aren't helping you with child support even though they are no longer in the home, you need to call a lawyer. You shouldn't have to pay all the bills on your own and care for the children, and it's time to file for separation or divorce and to file for child support. There are many factors that will go into the case, and you want your lawyer to start working quickly so you can get the relief and support that you need. [Read More]

Separate From Your Spouse With These Tips

Separations can signal the end of a marriage or perhaps just a break. Either way, couples need to consider the consequences of no longer being under one roof. The below tips should help you navigate this new phase in your life. Speak to a Separation Attorney Legal advice is invaluable at this time, even if you aren't ready to file for divorce yet. Separation carries with it a few legal issues that you don't want to ignore. [Read More]

Three Things A Man Should Know About Establishing Paternity

Paternity is often something people believe they understand, but there are a lot of assumptions about it as well. This is because the legal issue of paternity is often different from what people think it is. For a man, the issue of paternity can be more complex than he imagines. The following are a few things that a man should know if he is involved in an unexpected pregnancy.  If you are married, there is no paternity issue [Read More]

What Men Need To Know About Divorce

Both men and women can have unique takes on divorce because the experience will be different for each. In many cases, however, men can be unprepared for the financial and mental toll the divorce process will take on them. Below are some tips to keep in mind when you meet your divorce lawyer for the first time. These are the things you should be prepared to discuss with your lawyer and they each deserve some thought before you act. [Read More]