Why A Collaborative Divorce Is A Good Option For Same-Sex Couples

If you are in a same-sex marriage that is not working out like you had planned, you and your partner might decide to get divorced. Same-sex divorces often have different issues than divorces with traditional married couples, and this is why choosing a collaborative divorce might be the best way to go. Here are two things to understand about this. What is a collaborative divorce? A collaborative divorce is one in which the couple works together to determine how to divide everything when they end their relationship. [Read More]

Did Your Ex-Spouse Get The Debt In The Divorce? Don't Relax Until The Last Penny Is Paid

If your divorce decree orders your ex-spouse to pay off certain debts that were in both your names -- like joint credit cards and car loans -- don't celebrate just yet. Wait until it actually happens. This is why you need to proceed with caution: 1.) Your divorce decree lays down the law for you and your ex, not your creditors. The divorce decree is only binding for you and your spouse -- it can't be enforced against a third party. [Read More]

Publicly Shaming Your Child Can Result In Child Abuse Charges

Trying to discipline your children can be difficult. When nothing else works, some parents resort to the tactic of shaming their children, in hopes that the social lesson will provide results where other methods have failed. However, it's important to know where to draw the line, because going over it can end up having legal consequences for the entire family. This is what you should know. Is shaming a child ever acceptable? [Read More]

The Do's And Don'ts Of Custody Evaluations

For divorcing parents who cannot come to an agreement on child custody arrangements, you may be asked by the family court judge to take part in a child custody evaluation. A court-appointed mental health expert will normally conduct the evaluation of your minor child in an effort to help the judge decide who will retain primary custody. It's definitely in your own best interest to be as prepared for this evaluation as possible since the evaluator's opinion carries quite a bit of weight in the judge's decision. [Read More]