Avoid Making These Four Common Divorce Mistakes With Your Attorney

If you are getting divorced, it is important that you treat your attorney with respect and work with them. Your attorney is largely responsible for how your assets are divided and, if you have children, the custody arrangement you end up with. Make sure you don't make these four common divorce mistakes with your attorney.

#1 Losing Control Of Your Emotions

Your attorney is not responsible for the fact that you are getting divorced, nor are they responsible for the actions that your spouse takes throughout your divorce. If you ever start to feel anger and like you are going to lose your temper while talking to your attorney due to something your spouse did or something your attorney tells you, take a break.

Tell your attorney you need to step out, and do so immediately. Take a few deep breaths, and give yourself time to calm down. If you can't get your emotions under control with five to ten minutes, let your attorney know you will need to reschedule your meeting.

You should never get mad at your attorney and yell at them. Your divorce attorney will understand if you need to take a break or reschedule, and will respect that you are not projecting your emotions onto them.

#2 Showing Up Without An Appointment

You should not show up at your attorney's office without an appointment no matter how upset you are about something that has come up in your divorce. You are not your attorney's only client; they have other cases that require their time and attention as well, and have to plan their days out in order to meet all their obligations.

If you have an urgent matter to discuss with your attorney, call and set up an appointment and let them know it is urgent. See if they can squeeze in a phone appointment so you can discuss the matter at hand.

#3 Treating Your Attorney Like A Counselor

Next, you need to remember that your attorney is not your counselor. It is not their job to help you through the emotional minefield that you are currently navigating. It is their job to help you make smart decisions about how to split your assets, debt, home and childcare duties.

If you are having a hard time dealing with the emotional fallout from your divorce, set up some meetings with a counselor; they will have the tools and time to help you. If you are struggling with a decision surrounding a matter in your divorce, you should also discuss this with your counselor. They can help you see what you need to hold onto and let go. Let your attorney focus on the legal side of your divorce.

#4 Failing To Provide Your Attorney With The Information They Request

Finally, it is vitally important that you provide your attorney with the information and paperwork that they request in a timely manner. Don't forget or put off this responsibility; your attorney needs time to go through your paperwork in order to help you make smart legal decisions.

If you fail to provide your attorney with the paperwork they need, ultimately it is going to end up hurting you.

Don't make the four common mistakes listed above with your divorce attorney. Remember that their job is to help guide you through the legal side of your divorce, not the emotional side. Respect their time by providing them with the paperwork they need and by scheduling appointments when you need to talk with them. Doing these things will help your attorney focus on getting what is best for you out of your divorce. 

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